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Guest who caught a Pike off the end of the dock.

Family Fun at the Ojibwe! Say "Cheese"!

Mother, son, and grandson ... ahh, the memories!

Workers behind their masterpiece in the sand.

These guys brought one heck of a recipie for cook'n up their Walleye - YUM !!

Having fun in the lake.

Pulling in the line for the next skiier.

Making friends at a rock painting party.

Don't let his age fool you ... he's a maniac on that thing!

Call me when dinner's ready!


Getting a spin around the lake before the sun sets.

Everyone was back in the lake right after dinner.

R and R

Yee Ha !

Check out this Northern Pike!

Take'n it all in before they have to pack to go home.

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Hang'n down by the lake.

Smiles in the sun!

Getting ready to head out and catch tonight's dinner!

Lunch time!

Here fishy, fishy, fishy!

A summer's day in Lake Leelanau!

Guests doing a little snorkeling.

Inviting isn't it??

Whoa! Take a look at their catch!

It takes two hands to hold this whopper of a fish!

Girl talk around the sandbox.

Muscle Men!


The dock's the place to hang out.

Family gathering by the lake.

All ready for his spin around the lake!

Just waiting for the last passengers - and for someone to unhook them!

Grandmother and grand child watching all the activity.

Guests bringing in their water toy.

Guest getting ready to go for a ride.

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Ahhh, love them floaties!

Guest going for a ride on his jet ski.

Lil Guests check'n out the manager's "Kid List" to see who they have to play with this week!

Chow'n on a piece of 'up north' corn-on-the-cob!

Night fishing off the end of the dock.

Getting ready to eat a crawdad that was caught in the lake and cooked up just for him!

Debating whether to jump in, or slowly climb down the ladder.

Go again, go again!

My turn!

I'm ready ... Let's Roll !!

Slowing down just enough not to get the photographer all wet! (PS - Thank you!)

Guests enjoying a day of tubing!

Snorkel buddies.

Dock Studs! (Hey girls, I'm pretty sure they're single and available too!)

Ahhhh ... this is the life!

Wants to go tubing but doesn't want to get her hair wet.

The tubing dudes in charge!

A one-handed, water frisbee catch!

Guests of the Resort getting ready to have a multi-cabin Pot Luck dinner. Mmmm, sounds delicious!

Pot-lucked-plate-ful! (By the way, are those firsts or seconds?)


Pondering life while tossing pebbles into the lake.

Hot Dogs! Get your hot dogs here!

Yowza! Check out the teeth on that Gar Pike eh?!

Ahh, peace and quiet and a good book to boot!

Last one in's a rotten egg!

Planning out his sandcastle masterpiece.

Hamming it up!


Off to play on the dock.

Rest, relaxation and good conversation!

Watching the little tykes play.

Precious moments.

Now that's what I call a Family Fun Mobile!

Is this not cute or what?!!

She's just dying to get in there with her cousins.

Chef tasting his creation.

Is it ready yet? Huh, huh huh?!

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